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Youth Sports

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AN IMPORTANT MEETING FOR THE PROPOSED 2023 FRRPD YOUTH TRACK & FIELD season for boys and girls in grades Kindergarten through 8th, will be held MONDAY, APRIL 3, FROM 5:15PM TO 6:15PM in the Elderberry Room at FRRPD Activity Center, 1875 FEATHER RIVER BLVD. THIS MEETING IS FOR all coaches and parents. If you are unable to attend or if there are independent tracksters that want to participate, contact DIRK DAMON AT 530-533-2011. Just a reminder that this a high percentage volunteer program; Timers and Recorders will be needed throughout the season from each participating school.


All schools within the FRRPD service area interested in track and field, please email with your contact information by March 23, 2023. Meets will be held in April and May.  Contact DIRK DAMON AT 530-533-2011.



FRRPD offers a variety of sports programs throughout the school year. Programs are offered to boys and girls in grades K-8. If offered, individuals may join teams through their school, or after-school program.