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Riverbend Park

Located at the 60 Montgomery Street, this 210 acre beautiful park situated along the Feather River in Oroville was established in 2006. The park includes four pavilions (available for reservation), Eagle Point Pavilion, Big Bear Pavilion, Little Bear Pavilion & Salmon Pavilion. Each pavilion contains a barbecue pit and seating. 

Riverbend Park is equipped with two restroom facilities within walking distance of pavilions and plenty of parking. The park also includes multiple play structures, multi-use fields, paved trails, a beach along the river, a boat dock, fishing ponds, a Disc Golf Course (which is available to reserve for tournaments), and connects to a dog park!

The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

May contain: field and outdoors
May contain: water, nature, and outdoors

Did you know that the Riverbend trail hosts protected species? The two dead trees at the north end of the soccer fields are hosting Woodpecker and Bushtit birds' nests. These protected species rely on the trees for cavities, food, storage, and perches. Visit the nesting birds today, but please do not disturb them.

For more information about protected nesting species and how arborists and park staff are working to protect nesting woodpeckers, please visit the following website:
[Learn more about protected nesting species and conservation efforts](