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Field Conditions

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FIELD CONDITIONS - District Fields may be closed temporarily to prevent injuries and/or damage to the playing surfaces brought on by inclement weather and/or unsafe playing conditions.  

  • Riverbend Park: OPEN
    • Soccer Fields: OPEN
  • Palermo Park: OPEN  
    • Softball Field: OPEN
  • Nelson Complex: 
  • MLK Park: 
    • Soccer Field: OPEN
  • Nolan Complex: 
    • All Fields: OPEN
  • Bedrock Park:
    • Tennis Courts:  OPEN  
    • Skate Park: OPEN
Guidelines for Field Use During Inclement Weather


FRRPD will monitor temperature and humidity from the National Weather Service at, and use these numbers to reference the heat index chart below.

The heat index, also know as the apparent temparture, is what the temperature feels like to the human body when relative humidity is combined with the air temperature.  

For example, if the air temperature is 100° F and the relative humidity is 55%, the heat index will be 124°F.  When the relative humidity is low, the apparent temperature can actually be lower than the air temperature. 

Base on the above information, program decisions will be made as follows:

Low-Moderate80-89Outdoor programs may proceed as scheduled. Parents/coaches/staff will monitor participants.
Moderate90-104Use caution during outdoor activities. Increase fluid intake and rest periods.  Activity time may be reduced.
High105-114Coaches/parents/volunteers/staff must exercise extreme caution. Water breaks every 15-20 minutes.  Cancellation of programming may occur. 
Very High115 +All outdoor programming will be cancelled or relocated to an indoor facility. 
Heat index chart showing temperature, humidity, and associated risk levels.


This page will be updated with any changes in the field  status. Should there be inclement weather, air quality, or field condition concerns, please check this page one hour before your program is scheduled to start. If there are no updates, changes may still be made on-site, if necessary.