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Riverbend Half-Mile Fitness Trail

Riverbend FitTRAIL Signage Riverbend


The Riverbend Half-Mile Fitness Trail offers six outdoor fitness stations situated along a half-mile walking loop alongside the Feather River. Click each station above to learn more! 

QR codes are placed on each piece of equipment along the Fitness Trail. This allows park users to easily access instructional videos featuring local professional trainers demonstrating the correct usage of each station by scanning the QR code with their mobile devices.

Together with CalFresh Healthy Living, we are creating no-cost, high-quality exercise opportunities to support residents in maintaining an active lifestyle without the financial barriers of gym memberships and professional training. 

Parks like Riverbend play a vital role in community wellness.  Having these safe, open spaces with walkable paths is important because they help get people active and are open to everyone. 


STATION 1: Triple Leg Stretch & Hanging Leg Raise 


 STATION 2: Sloping Vault Bar & Parallel Bars


STATION 3: Assisted Pistol Squat & Leg Stretch 


STATION 4: Front Squat and Beam Hop & Lateral Jumps


STATION 5: Back Stretch and Back Extension


STATION 6: Push-Up & Tricep Dip and  Pull-ups & Chin-ups




California's CalFresh Healthy Living, with funding from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – USDA SNAP, produced this material. These institutions are equal opportunity providers and employers. For important nutrition information, visit