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Become an Instructor

Why Teach A Class For FRRPD? 

May contain: human, person, leisure activities, musical instrument, and guitar

FRRPD is a leader in providing recreation experiences for our community members.  We do this through programs created by the FRRPD staff as well as a large group of talented Leisure Interest instructors that bring specialized talents to the community.  Come and be part of this dynamic TEAM and provide an opportunity for people to grow and learn new things.

Many of our instructors have years of experience teaching and enjoy the benefit of being able to offer classes without the overhead of owning their own business.  There is an opportunity for local businesses to offer “specialized” classes at their business as well.  These classes would not be offered at FRRPD facilities due to the special equipment necessary.  This will enable FRRPD to offer classes such as Ceramics, Sewing and Dance without severely impacting the limited facility space at FRRPD.

Submitting A Class Proposal:

Proposals must be received by the due date for each Activity Guide. The due date is 60 days before the next session begins.  Late submissions will not be accepted for submission in the Activity Guide.  This includes current and new instructors.

The Activity Guide class periods are as follows:

January-April     May-August     September-December

Please keep in mind FRRPD provides Recreation Programs. A recreational experience defined by FRRPD is one that enables people to participate in a physical activity, offers an opportunity for individuals to learn a new hobby, skill, or art experience.  Therefore classes that focus on Natural Healing, Herbs, Psychic classes, Mystical Programs; Religion based programs, courses are currently not being considered.

FRRPD currently accepts proposals for Adult, Youth, Toddler programs as well as activities specifically designed for individuals over the age of 50.  The following areas are suggestions for class proposals:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Health & Fitness
  • Nature Activities
  • Performing Arts
  • Youth Camps

Still Interested in teaching a class?

Simply complete the FRRPD Class Submission Form

Frequently Asked Questions?

How are instructors paid?

Instructors are paid a percentage of the registration fees collected for their class.  If class is taught by a FRRPD Employee Instructor payment received will be 60% of the registration fee.  If classes are taught by an Independent Contractor payment received will be  65% of the registration fee.

When do instructors receive payment for their class?

Instructor payments are processed at the end of the class session.  Paydays are determined by the pay schedule of the district and vary for each instructor.  This will be covered in a new hire orientation.

Would I be an employee of FRRPD or an independent contractor?

If you have a business that also offers similar classes to the one you would be offering through FRRPD, you are considered an independent contractor.  An example of this is a ceramics studio offering classes through our activity guide.  They hold a business license and offer these classes in a formal business environment.

If you have a special interest and want to share that experience with others, you would become an employee of FRRPD.  An example of this is an individual that would like to teach people how to knit and will be holding class in one of FRRPDs facilities.

How is registration taken?

All registration is taken at the FRRPD main office.  We currently do not offer online registration.  We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Will I be required to get my own insurance policy?

If you are teaching classes at your business or a non-FRRPD facility, you would be required to provide proof of insurance with FRRPD named as additionally insured. The specific requirements are listed in the policies and procedures section of the Instructor Handbook.

Once I start offering classes am I guaranteed to continue?

You will receive a request for class proposals for each new activity guide.  A request for proposal does not guarantee acceptance each time.  Your class will be reviewed each season and may be discontinued for the following reasons:  No facility space, low or no registration for previous classes offered, or a change in direction for the district.

What if I have more questions?

Please call the FRRPD office at 530-533-2011 and ask for the Recreation Supervisor.