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Indoor Pickleball

Colorful pickleball balls

Indoor Pickleball

Drop-in Pickleball play at the Activity Center 

Indoor Pickleball at the Activity Center is played on indoor finished/sealed concrete courts, taped lines and temporary, portable net systems.

Drop in fee: $5/person  

Monthly membership: $45/person  


New Hours Beginning Tuesday, January 23:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday8:00am-11:00amActivity Center
Tuesday, Thursday8:00am-10:00amActivity Center
Saturday*8:00am-11:00amActivity Center

* Please contact the District Office on Thursday or Friday to confirm Saturday drop-in availability


How to register online through Recdesk:

1.  Go to FRRPD@ 

2. Select "Sports-Adult"

3. Select "Pickleball"

4. Select either "Monthly Membership" or "Drop-In"

Please note, Monthly Membership will require a payment to complete the registration. Paying with a credit card will include a small convenience fee.  If you wish to skip the credit card convenience fee (both online and at the District Office)  you may  register in person at our District Office and pay by cash or check.

The Drop -in option does not require payment at time of registration.  However, payment will be due on site on days played.  

5. Accept Waiver and Release

6. Checkout

For assistance in creating an online account and registering for District programming, please contact (530) 533-2011