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September Gymnastics

Team CampM-F5:00p-8:00pGymnastics Center

*Please contact the District Office for more info on the Team Camp program


About FRRPD Gymnastics

For the last 25 years, the gymnastics program at the FRRPD Activity Center and our nationally certified professional staff have worked to make sure each child‘s gymnastics experience is fun and rewarding.  Through our classes and programs we see their strength, body awareness and fitness increase. What’s even more important, is that parents are thrilled as they watch their children grow in confidence and character.

Why Gymnastics? 

Children in today’s world have hundreds of new activities available for their enjoyment. The list ranges from video games to television programs to sports and music activities. Unfortunately, the benefits are not always proportionate to the amount of time kids spend on their favorite activities.  As an after-school activity, gymnastics has been growing dramatically in popularity each year, and with good reason. Parents are becoming increasingly more aware of the sport’s health and educational value, while children just want to keep up with an activity that helps them feel good about themselves, both physically and emotionally.  Gymnastics is more than just another sport. It is an activity that offers something different to each participant. In gymnastics, the highly active child has a positive outlet for their energy while the less-physically-motivated child is thrilled by learning a skill suited just for them.  Developmental gymnastics is composed of such a myriad of skills that children of all abilities can enjoy the challenge of learning new and exciting skills each time they attend class. This provides an opportunity for repeated success experiences that motivate the child to strive to new heights. These success experiences build the self-esteem and the self-confidence needed to enjoy the many challenges of life.  Gymnastics is a fundamental activity that provides all the basic tools children need to be successful in life.

What will your child gain from his or her experience at          Feather River Gymnastics?

The Inner Child                       The Outer Child
Concentration                         Self-Awareness
Problem Solving                     Strength
Goal Setting                             Coordination
Self-Esteem                             Agility
Self-Respect                            Posture
Love of Learning                     Balance