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Upcoming District Events

You won't want to miss out on the following  District events:


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 Community Workshop 

FRRPD is holding community workshops in several different areas throughout the district. We want to hear from YOU! Please join us! We are providing this opportunity for all residents to participate and discuss your future of recreation.

The Feather River Recreation & Park District is looking for feedback from people who have visited our parks and utilized our services during recent times. The button below is attached to a 21 question survey and your answers will be used to guide our decision-making process on issues like illegal camping, park maintenance, security and new amenities. Please participate by downloading the survey below and then choosing one or more answers from the list of possible answers for each question. Comments are appreciated and space is provided for write-in answers.

Be sure to bring your completed survey to one of our of community workshops near you, or you can submit to:

Victoria Anton, Executive Administrator


District Office: (530) 533-2011

Download and complete our Recreation Needs survey HERE.



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Feather River Cleanup Days


Join us for the upcoming Feather River Cleanup days. This is an opportunity to get involved and make a difference in your community. Cleanups will be held at Riverbend Park in Oroville, and volunteers will meet at the Bear Rock Pavillion. For more information, click HERE.