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Lynndee Caput- Whole Body FIT 

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Lynndee Caput has been involved with health, wellness and fitness promotion and instruction in many settings for over 40 years. These include; senior centers, non-profits, hospitals, senior housing facilities and fitness and recreation centers. She has an adult education teaching credential, a B.A. in Art, certifications in aquatic exercise, senior fitness testing and training and certification as an exercise instructor through the Arthritis Foundation. She is a trained and certified group facilitator, Principles of Attitudinal Healing leader, social services coordinator and activity director.

Her hobbies include; creating garden art and crafts from recycled materials, vegetable gardening, growing succulents, non- fictional writing, reading for information, motivational speaking and developing and leading adult fitness programs.

Her goal at the District is to promote and contribute to a variety of adult and senior programs. These would include life-engaging activities, social events and creative programs for the purpose of improving the quality of life and community engagement for our area adults and seniors.

Join Lynndee on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays  at her Whole Body Fitness exercise program for adults and seniors. It is a "top to toe" full body tune-up to enhance functional abilities and safety, improve balance, coordination and stamina, strengthen and tone muscles and engage the brain while moving to improve brain and body connections. It is for all fitness and ability levels.