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FRRPD Camp Fire Relief Efforts

In November 2018, the Camp Fire swept through Butte County.  Smoke clouded the skies for miles, which only added to the gloom.  By the time the flames were out, over 153,000 acres had burned, displacing thousands of people.

From the day that the fire sparked, Feather River Recreation & Park District asked themselves, “How can we help?”  We answered this question by opening Nelson Sports Complex to displaced families and animals.  We also opened our Activity Center to allow folks to shower.  With our donated soap, hygiene supplies, and fresh towels from Cintas, fire victims were able to feel a little more human again.

Unfortunately, the smoke got so thick in our gymnastics facility that it became a hazard to our athletes. FRRPD rented air purifiers, and gymnastics programs were able to resume within a few days.  We are very grateful for the generosity of the North Valley Community Foundation for helping to defray some of these expenses.  With their help we were able to focus on helping the fire victims.  Now that the smoke has cleared, we look forward to contributing to this resilient

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