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Youth Judo Program

The Symbol of the Dojo reflects our teachings of Honor, Duty, Discipline, Responsibility, and Respect. The yin and yang represent the opposites we face in life while the pathway in the middle represents balance that is needed in all things, the Torri gate is the destination of completion of our character, our ultimate goal. Come by and see why Judo is one of America’s fastest growing sports. 

Day TimeAgeFeeLocation
Fri.5:30-7:00 pm7-13 Please see fees listed belowKarate Room

2020 Session Dates:

 March3/6-3/27 (no class on 3/6)
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What to wear: Wear loose fitting clothing, (i.e.) sweat pants and a t-shirt. Judo Gi is $60.00 and is available for purchase from instructor.
Tuition: Your first class is free! In additional to monthly tuition the Dojo is affiliated with The American Judo and Jujitsu Federation, The United States Judo Federation, and Central Coast Judo Organization. USJF, or AJJF fees vary, rates apply. See instructor for more information.

Per Month: $70.00 without auto payment or $50.00 with auto payment
Three month payment: Must be paid in advance at time of first class, $45.00 per month
Six month payment: Must be paid in advance at time of first class, $40.00 per month
Family Discount: $10 off per month if more than one family member
Single day mat fee: $15.00

Visit for more information

On March 16th, The Dojo martial arts academy sent six competitors to a tournament in Campbell, CA. This tournament, known as the Mokomoko, features competition in areas of stick fighting, knife fighting, sumo, karate point fighting, Jujitsu Kata, and mixed martial arts grappling. Overall the tournament drew more than 250 competitors. We had some students competing in both sumo and grappling sections, while others only competed in grappling. All total The Dojo walked away with eight medals including four first place finishes, four second place finishes, and a fourth place finish. We are extremely proud of our students and their achievements; for example, the student who placed forth agreed to challenge a weight division well above her weight- she did an amazing job and took fourth place. The participating students are as follows;

  • Oliver Litchfield, First place in grappling, second place in sumo (Greenville)
  • Jackson Brenzovich, Second place on both sumo and grappling (Quincy)
  • Jesse McLain, First place in grappling, second place in sumo (Greenville)
  • August Polzak, first place in grappling (Quincy)
  • Darrell Thompson, First place in grappling (Oroville)
  • Amory Thompson, Forth place in grappling (Oroville)