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Swim Lessons

swim lessons

All swim lessons are held on Saturdays at Nelson Pool (beginning June 3, 2023)

8:00am-8:30am3 (Sharks)9-12
8:45am-9:15amParent TOT (Minnows)2-10 months
9:30am-10:00amParent TOT (Minnows)10-18 months
10:15am-10:45am1 (Sea Turtles)2-4
11:00am-11:30am2 (Dolphins)5-8
11:45am-12:15pm3 (Sharks)9-12
12:30pm-1:00pm2 (Dolphins)5-8

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Parent TOT lessons are $40 per month. 

Swim lessons are $55  per month. 

Private swim lessons are $90 per month.


Swim Lessons
Swim lessons are comprised of 4 thirty-minute lessons (On Saturdays for one month), with a maximum of 3-5 students in each session (depending on age) and a minimum of 2 students required for the session to run. It may be necessary to combine small classes or move your child to a different class.

Pre-registration is required one week prior to the session start date. 


Basic Beginner/Parent TOT (recommended for 2-18 months old): Minnows

This class is designed to allow first time swimmers to get comfortable in the pool. Our caring instructors will assist the parents and their babies in learning the basic water skills needed to swim and float.

 Level 1 (recommended for children 2-4 years old): Sea Turtles

If your child is frightened, intimidated and/or doesn't like putting their face under water, our caring instructors will work patiently with you and your child to ensure he or she achieves a high level of comfort. This class is designed to allow first time swimmers who have little or no experience in the water to get comfortable and familiarize themselves in and around the pool. Once your child feels comfortable in the water, our instructors will begin teaching basic water skills.

Level 2 (recommended for children 5-8 years old): Dolphins

Children will need to be comfortable in the water prior to taking this level; previous swimming instruction is recommended or Level 1 certification. The course is taught in a structured class environment where children begin to learn to swim and float independently.

Level 3 (recommended for children 9-12 years old): Sharks

Children who are comfortable in the water will learn and continue to refine the crawl stroke and practice breath control. Participants will be introduced to elementary backstroke and deep-water diving skills. 

 Private Swim Lessons (recommended ages: 6 months-17 years old) 

Private lessons are for those looking to receive one-on-one instruction. These lessons are available for any age or swimming level.  Private lessons are available at the posted times only, private lessons are one on one instruction, but other lessons may be conducted during the same time (with other instructors working with groups).