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SoMy Yoga

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The intention of SoMy Yoga is to provide gentle and self-directed yoga asana practice, guided in tandem by the yoga asana instructor. The goal of SoMy Yoga is to achieve a regular and healthy for YOU yoga asana practice. Lessons and instruction are directed towards those goals and intentions in order to share a love for learning and the joy found in good, lasting health.

“If you are unwilling to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Namasté – SoMy Yoga Instructor – Myra

Fee: $8 drop in/10 punch pass card $72

 DaysTime Yoga TypeAge
Monday/Friday5:45-6:45 pm RestorativeAll ages
Wednesday5:45-6:45 pm YinyasaAll ages
Saturday9:00-10:00 am VinyasaAll ages

Mondays & Fridays-Restorative Yoga
Replenish and strengthen your personal energy with relaxing poses that deeply stretch and tone muscles. This style of yoga utilizes five to six poses and makes use of props, which  allows the practitioner to hold a pose longer; usually about five minutes, ensuring complete  rest and relaxation. This gentle practice focuses on light twists, seated folds, and gentle  backbends for maximum comfort and ease. First time students enjoy their first class free!

Wednesday-Yinyasa Yoga
Destress and unwind with the cooling and rejuvenating practice of Yinyasa Yoga. This class utilizes gentle, yet mildly strengthening movements that stretch, detoxify, and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. The lightly stimulating and cooling sequence refreshes the entire being, allowing the practitioner to enjoy a midweek boost in energy that lasts well past the finish line. First time students enjoy their first class free!

Saturday- Vinyasa Yoga
Give your Saturday-morning routine a new edge and join our class for Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa yoga combines warm, flowing sequence with standing poses to produce a maximum glow of accomplishment. Give yourself a brand-new start that lasts through the weekend and beyond, with yinyasa yoga. 


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Instructor Bio:
Myra Reichel was raised in San Diego, California. In San Diego, Myra enjoyed aerobics until she was introduced to her first love; Karate Kenpo, which she passionately studied at the United Studios of Self Defense with Hans Prosch, for three years, achieving blue belt. She has traveled extensively around the world and is honored and privileged to make Oroville, California her home. In Oroville, Myra finally met her true match with Yoga; which she studied first at Butte College and then at Exhale Yoga Studio where she made many dear friends and received her training and Yoga Instructor Certificate (RYS200). She is the proud parent of a son and daughter, and is beloved by her pet canine, Ragsy.