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Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics Classes


Want to take a gymnastics class but don’t know where to start?

Take a look at class descriptions and call or stop by the Activity Center and speak to one of our Customer Service Relations Specialist for any tips or questions.  As for all of our classes, remember you can try any class for free for the first time.

Why gymnastics?

Not only is it fun, gymnastics is the best building block to enhance skill development and participation in any sport. Participating in gymnastics can promote; coordination, strength, flexibility and self-confidence. Whether you are a first time gymnast or an experienced athlete, we have a class for you.

All prices are subject to change.


Class Descriptions

Parent-Tot (walking – 3 years old) 45 min.
Join your child as they explore our fantastic facilities and innovative obstacle courses. Classes incorporate music, gymnastic apparatus, trampolines, tunnels, ladders, slides, and more. Activities at FRRPD Gymnastics help develop eye/hand coordination, perceptual motor skills, spatial awareness, directionality, reading readiness and listening skills

$8 drop-in or 10 punch pass card for $70

Pre-Kinder Gym (3-4 years old) 45 min.
Instructors lead this quick-paced class that incorporates music, gymnastic apparatus, trampolines, tunnels, ladders, slides, and more to start their gymnastic adventures. Activities at FRRPD Gymnastics help develop eye/hand coordination, perceptual motor skills, spatial awareness, directionality, reading readiness and listening skills.     
* must be potty trained

1 day/week, $45/month 2 days/week, $80month

Kinder Gym (5 – 6 years old) 55 min.
This program offers kids a chance to jump and roll through obstacle courses and climb on bars and over mats. They will learn basic gymnastic body shapes and improve their strength,  balance and coordination.

 1 day/week, $55/month 2 Days/Week, $90/month

Girls and Boys Rec Gymnastics ( ages 7-12)
An opportunity for your child to learn the core skills of gymnastics: basics tumbling, balance, coordination,apparatus use, following directions and learning how to focus in a positive and enriching environment. Use of the foam pit, trampolines and tumble track.

Recreation 1 (55 min.)
This high-energy class improves the foundational skills necessary for kids to develop stronger handstands and cartwheels. Skill progressions are incorporated into fun activities and games.

 1 day/week, $60/month 2 days/week, $100/month

Recreation 2 (85 min.)
Students begin incorporating more complex moves into the skills they’ve learned in Rec 1. They will develop more gymnastics skills, improve strength and flexibility, and begin practicing on a wider variety of skill on all the apparatuses. Instructor invitation is required to take this class.

1 day/week, $70month 1 days/week, $120/month

Recreation 3
A natural progression where students learn the next level of gymnastics to help prepare them for the next class.

 1 day/week, $80/month 2 days/week, $150/month

Rec 1 Ninja (55 min.)
The Rec 1 Ninja program is a combination of parkour, gymnastics, and free-running. This class encourages students to take their training out-of-the-box and be creative with their movements. This class develops the skills necessary for students to create “lines” in the gym (a continuous flow of movement form one point to another while combining jumps, flips, and vaults). Students will learn skills such as kongs, rolls, cat leaps, and flips. This is an easy-going, fast-paced class.       

 1 day/week, $60/month 2 days/week, $100/month

Teen/Adult (13 and up) 115 min.
The Teen/Adult program is suitable for everyone – from a beginner who has never tumbled to experienced gymnasts who would like to re-learn skills or gain new ones. We focus on improving strength, mobility, and proprioception, as well as fundamental gymnastic body positions.

 1 day/week, $65/month 2 days/week, $110/month

Open Gym (ages 5 and up) 2 hrs.
An opportunity for the young and young at heart to enjoy some free play time in our fully equipped gymnastic facility which includes: a foam pit, tumble track, trampolines and other many other fun items.

 $10 drop in or 10 punch pass card for $90

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If the program that you are interested in signing up for is listed as FULL, please add your contact info to the waitlist.