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Adult Jujitsu

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Sensei Harry Burleson

The Dojo Martial Arts Academy teaches a style of Jujitsu known as Danzanryu.

Danzanryu is a traditional Japanese/Hawaiian style. It incorporates teaching from the Philipines, Japan, China, and Hawaii.

​In this program you will first learn  to roll and fall safely. Lessons will progressing to include hand arts -including escapes from holds and joint manipulations, forms of blocking and parrying, strikes and kicks, all manors of throwing techniques, grappling, and effective self defense techniques.

Along with the martial side Danzanryu is the unique teaching of healing arts and massage along with the warrior teaching.

The traditional teaching instills a strong moral and ethical code. We adhere to the deep traditions from Japan of Respect, Honor, and a peaceful path. 

Due to the nature of some of the self defense techniques Sensei Harry Burleson has chosen not to teach Danzanryu to children. Classes are for adults only.

Fridays $40 / Month6:30p-8:00pMartial Arts Studio

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